Carson 907050 3-axle dumper semi-trailer

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The CARSON dumper semi-trailer in scale 1:14.5 is a detailed model of the
dumpers, used in the local traffic of construction sites.

Load up your dumper semi-trailer and off you go with a truckload of sand,
flint or stones to the next construction site or a stone pit. With the
separately availabe dump-mechanics (spindle drive with shaft joint Item 907056)
the basin can be dumped respectively the load unloaded. After lowering of the
basin, the back wall is secured automatically with a 2-hook locking.

Technical Details:
Basin and back wall made of reinforced PVC, CNC-milled
suspension of GFK with horizontal rods
air-spring dummy (screw springs)
aluminium chassis CNC-milled
12 ball-bearings
6 trailer rims wide
6 wide tires for trailer rims
7-chamber tail lights
license plate mount lightened
plastic fenders with mount
automatical 2-hook back wall locking
aluminium underbody protection CNC-milled
trailer supports mechanically adjustable
support plastic/metal composite construction CNC-milled
hydraulic cylinder dummy
Measurements (L x W x H) 700 x 185 x 235 mm
tire width 25 mm
tire outer-Ø 82 mm
weight 4.600 g
max. load approx. 10.000g
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