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Hey, Our company offers many different solutions for a Glass fence (rekkverk). The type of glass we offer is always safe - 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 mm thick or more. It depends on a glass fence type. Tinted, hardet, laminated glass, mirror type - all depends on Your wishes. Steel handrails, connectors, stenders You can choose from a variety types as well: round or quadrangle, with top handrail or without it. The steel we offer is "304" - standard, or "316" - extra antirust, usualy popular on a sea side. To calculate the exact glass fence price, we need to know: 1. Style of glass fence - You can choose it from our gallery on Facebook or web page 2. Drawing from the top - it can be simple, made by hand, where we can see the corners and measurements 3. Write Your location, please (if needed - to calculate the delivery fee) Get the highest quality production for a very good price! We can offer a FREE DELIVERY to: Askim, Moss, Drammen, Tonsberg, Larvik, Arendal, Kristiansand, Stavanger! Delivery to other places costs additional. ---We are always looking for a serious business partners in Norway!--- SHOP ONLINE CHEAPER! - www.jonasvinduer.no Please, visit our Facebook and Web page to see all types of glass fence and check out other production: Facebook: JONAS VINDUER Web page: www.rekkverkterrasse.no www.jonasvinduer.no, www.vinduerfortak.no Email: kostas@jonasvinduer.com Mobile: +37061825199 Telefon: 52972801 Takk
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