Roc-n-Soc Lunar trommestol / musikerstol!

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Farge: Black

Sete: Square Seat

Gaslift høydejustering ( 19"-27" )

Inkludert ryggstøtte

Ny i eske.

Roc-n-Soc stoler brukes av trommeslagere og andre musikere over hele verden.

Kan hentes på Lørenskog / leveres i Oslo & omegn.

Terje Paulsen er importør av Roc-n-Soc stoler i Norge.

- Gas shocks gives bounce to the seat for reduced back fatigue
- Free spinning seat reduces spinal strain from body twisting
- Easy to use gas lift for quick height adjustments
- 5-point base for extra stability available in three height ranges
- Optional foot-rings or casters provide added support and mobility
- Lunar series thrones are available in all seats sizes and colors
- Backrests are available for all models

Hydraulic Height Adjustment System
Raises 19" - 27" Tall
Great for Most Drummers
Extremely Stable 5-Point Base
Back Rest Makes Tacet Comfortable

The square seat is popular with players who like to sit on the edge of their seat, providing a flat platform that doesn't extend underneath the lap. The raised rear zone helps promote good posture, and the back rest gives you a nice way to relax during tacet.

The 5-point base is about as stable as it gets, so you can lean far out to hit distant drums and cymbals without falling over.
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Lørenskog, 5 min fra Oslo, 1471 Lørenskog


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