Boys Scouts Of America Model 1910 sett DY-BSAK910

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999 kr
En veldig artig pumpe som er laget spesielt for guttespeiderne i USA. I settet får du med gevær, beskyttelsesbriller, en boks med 250 kuler, en boks med 750 kuler og noen papirskiver.

Støynivå: 3-Medium
Vekt: 1,55 kg
Totallengde: 88 cm
Magasin: 50 skudd
Lading: 1 pump
Løp: Riflet
Frontsikte: Stolpe
Baksikte: Justerbart for høyde
Sikteskinne: Ingen
Bruksområde: Morroskyting/blinkskyting
Mekanisme: Pumpe
Sikring: Manuell
Stokk: Syntetisk
The folks at Daisy have teamed up with the Boy Scouts of America to produce this special edition classic BB rifle.

An ideal air rifle for plinking and fun, the single-pump Model 1910 is essential for learning shooting techniques. With a straightforward design, your child can quickly jump feet first into shooting sports.

Weighing in at only 3lbs, the Daisy 1910 is easy to handle and features a checkered stock for a secure hold. Across the faux wood stock is the BSA's iconic fluer-de-lis emblem, a symbol used to mark true North on older maps. The three petals of the icon represent Service to Others, Duty to God, and Obedience to Scout Law.

With a single pump, your young shooter can send their choice of BB or pellet downrange at 350 fps--fast enough for peppering the paper targets included in the package. As an added bonus, Daisy included 250 pellets, 750 BBs, and shooting glasses so you can shoot straight out of the box. The 1910 holds 50BBs in its reservoir or can shoot pellets one at a time.

Thanks to Daisy and the Boy Scouts of America, the Model 1910 will lay the foundations of target training and begin a lifetime of shooting enjoyment.
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