Pent brukt Prosjektor lerret i forskjelle størrelser selges

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400 kr
Fra et konkursbo så har jeg mange forskjellige Projecta projector lerret de er pent brukt og i mange forskjelige størrelser. Selges fra 400 kr og oppover.

Har også en helt nytt og ubrukt vidaXL Projeksjonsskjerm høydejusterbart stativ 200 x 200 cm til: 500 kr

160-170cm = 400 kr
180-200cm = 600 kr
205-215cm = 800 kr

Professionals seeking an ideal choice projection screen for their office or boardroom, the easy to install Projecta Compact Manual wall or ceiling mountable projection screen is a top quality product and it is crank operated.

This crank mechanism version is made very simple more so if your screen has been mounted to the ceiling,(must also say the crank is removable and is 165cm in length) a good feature on this projection screen too, is the automatic stop this is employed when extending or retracting the screen and in return will last much longer.

Other features to mention are the case and screen surface can also be made to the exact right size and the case, slat bar, are available in any colour, this will help to integrate into your own interior.

Aspect ratios are in 4:3 and 1:1 and screen surface is in Matt White.
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