Koma Elektronik Field Kit FX

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This new device is a powerful new cv controlled effects unit for your electronic music setup and pairs extremely well with the KOMA Field Kit.


Frequency Shifter

Sample Rate Reducer / Bitcrusher

Digital Delay

Analog Spring Reverb

4 Channel VCA Mixer

4 Step Mini Sequencer

Envelope Generator

All of this, combined with the new 4 Channel CV Interface which allows you to route four cv signals throughout the device, means an incredible control over sound and timbre and a great addition to your mobile performance rig.

Let’s get more detailed?

The Field Kit FX is built up from 7 separate functional blocks all focused on mangling and changing incoming audio and CV signals. They are designed to operate together as a coherent addition to our Field Kit Electroacoustic Workstation or alternatively together with other pieces of music electronics with the ability to use control voltage signals.

The Field Kit FX is a mad machine packed with a bunch of cool effects and features!
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PYRAMID SOUNDS AS er en nettbutikk, med landets største utvalg av analog lyd, i form av modulære synthesizere, frittsående synthesizere og effekter.

Vi tilbyr alltid lav fraktpris på alle ordre, og leverer vanligvis innen 2-3 dager

Tags: eurorack, delay, echo, reverb, spring reverb, bitcrush, looper

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