Glassfiber basseng Tunis 7.5x3.2x1.55m På lager

86 500 kr
Order Your swimming pool today and we give You guarantee that the price will not change! Do You need references ? Let us know . We have over 1500 swimming pools sold in Scandinavia. Best prices in Europe BestPools straight from manufacturer!! Each pool comes with equipment for pool. Our pools are isolated with polyurethane foam all around the pool. Price includes transport. Equipment : - Pump 10m3/h +filter - elastic pipe 25m - skimmer large - noozel x3 - filtrator(sand)50kg - valvs - tangit glue - degreser - pool hoover(vacum) - LED 35w light + transformator (white) Swimming pools are manufactured from especially prepared and of the highest quality multi-component resins, fiber, glass mats (top layer from 7 to 12 mm) and basin gel coat. Manufacturing is carried out using the latest technologies, so that the pan is resistant to factors such as: pool chemicals (such as chlorine), long-lasting adjacent algae, strong solar radiation (UV), low temperatures ( frost), the temperature difference (in summer - the positive, in winter the negative), acid rains.A laminate especially prepared for the needs, which covers the pools, causes reducing heat losses and provides a unique, elegant and exceptional azure colour. Each structure of the pan is additionally stiffened with the special metal, which does not corrode (not like other manufacturers make with a paper tube or wood)). Such a pool is characterized by its very long life time of about 90 years, strength, durability and preserving the natural colour. The structure of each swimming pool is further reinforced and preserved.Our swimming pools will provide You with comfort of using for long years. Attractive price , ease of installation, effective design and quality of the applied materials cause that more and more purchasers are eager to buy them. Pools: Model MALEDIWY: 4.1x2.4x1.35 5.0x2.7x1.35 6.0x3.0x1.35 Model LANZAROTE: 5.0x2.7x1.30 6.0x2.7x1.30 Model IBIZA: 5.0x3.2x1.55 6.0x3.2x1.55 7.0x3.2x1.55 8.0x3.2x1.55 Model CASABLANKA: 5.4x3.2x1.55 6.4x3.2x1.55 7.4x3.2x1.55 8.4x3.2x1.55 Model TUNIS: 5.5x3.2x1.55 6.5x3.2x1.55 7.5x3.2x1.55 8.2x3.2x1.55 Model DOMINIKANA: 8.2x3.7x1.55 Model LUCKY: 3.0x2.0x.080 3.0x2.5x.080 Wright on our e mail e-mail : e-mail : Tel: +48 600740600 Te: +48 600740888
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Open from 9 - 18 Monday - Friday Prices are including transport to You, full equipment(filtration system and Led light) and drilling holes in pool.

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