Havkajakk -Sea Kayak Explorer SKUK Nigel Dennis

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25 000 kr
"The Explorer is an excellent Touring Sea-Kayak", it is said, which I absolutely confirm. I just came paddling up to Oslo with it from Germany. I bought the Kayak just recently next to Luebeck (date: June, 6th, see receipt) along with all the other equipment which I'll come back to further down. Here is just one description fyi: Me personally, I apreciated most of all the direction stability and the hatch volume which allows you to take everything you need on an extended tour. Even though the kayak is very new, it does have some scratches here and there. But nothing that in any way harms the function. It runs perfectly still and fast but deals great with bigger waves or stronger winds. It comes with a Skeg and a built-in compass. Please take measures and construction info from the link above. The Kayak is in Oslo now. If you are interested in further equipment here's a list of things that are for sale(please see pictures): SKUK Explorer Seakayak Nigel Dennis: 25.000 kr incl. Compass, cockpit cover, all hatch-covers) additional equipment: Lendal paddle carbon, ergonomic: 3500 kr (4800 new) Lendal paddle "yellow": 2000 (took it as spare paddle, didn't use it) Paddle float: gratis Spraydeck: 800 Dry bags (2): 500 map folder (water proof) 200 safety west, (Palm Peyto) 800 Jacket, Palm M/L 500 Wetsuit, Langer long john, size 52 1000 Neoprene-shoes 200 Neoprene-hat 100 Neoprene-gloves 100 kayak-trolley 1000 ____________ additional equipment total: 10.700 If you buy the kayak and all additional equipment I'll give it to you for only 30.000kr Please use the following contact: email: phone: 0049 163 2558017

munkerudveien 78, 1165 Oslo

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