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Lighting technology: Light control:reflector of aluminium, highly specularCover:cover panelBeam angle:narrow distributionSymmetry:asymmetric distributionLight emission:direct distribution Lamps: Lamps:for metal halide / high pressure sodium vapour lamp, 1x HIT | HST 400WSocket:E40Supplement:built-in ignitor and control gear. Mounting method, mounting location:surface-mounted, to supporting structure, to the cross arm, to the wallArrangement:single arrangementSupplement:with mounting bracket.Connection:terminal, 3-pole, max. 2.5mm²Nominal voltage:230V, AC, 220..240V, 50Hz Dimensions | Weight Length:565mmWidth:465mmHeight:155mmWeight:17.2kg Certificates | Standards Protection rating:IP66Insulation class:insulation class I (protective earthing)Protection symbol:FStandard:EN 50419Certification, designation:CE, ENEC 10, VDE. 500 kr/st, 16 st/ 7000 kr
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