Accuphase E-5000 Ny Integrert forsterker.

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150 000 kr
En liten smaksprøve av den nye integrerte forsterkeren som
kommer fra solens land.

The E-5000 is the flagship high-power Class AB integrated amplifier developed to mark Accuphase’s 50-year
anniversary. The preamplifier section features our superior Balanced AAVA volume control, while the power
amplifier section includes an instrumentation amp and power transistors in a five-fold push-pull arrangement
driven in Class AB. These circuits create a balanced circuit from input to output. With its precisely balanced circuits and solidly built output stage, the E-5000 integrated amplifier presents every piece of music in exquisite detail.

2 x 240W 8 Ohm - 2 x 320W 4 Ohm.

"slot" med plass til 2 Otion Boards - DAC-60 & AD-50

Første levering til Lyric Hi Fi - Mars 2022


Lyric Hi Fi er eneforhandler av Accuphase i Norge.

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Malmskriverveien 11, 1337 Sandvika


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Sist endret 22. des. 2021 12:58

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