Aquarian trommeskinn 10, 12, 14, 16 & 22

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Denne pakken inneholder slagskinn og underskinn til 10", 12", 14", 16" samt slagskinn til 22" basstromme


Aquarian Response2 Clear 10"
Aquarian Response2 Clear 12"
Aquarian Response2 Clear 14"
Aquarian Response2 Clear 16"


Aquarian Classic Clear 10"
Aquarian Classic Clear 12"
Aquarian Classic Clear 14"
Aquarian Classic Clear 16"


Aquarian Force Clear 22"

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Aquarian Repsonse2 Clear:

The Aquarian Response 2 is a two ply head manufactured with Aquarian's multi-ply vacuum molding process that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles from between the two 7 mil plies.

Our most versatile two ply head, the Response 2 series delivers a full sound with great attack and consistent tone from drum to drum.

The RSP2 can be tensioned tight or loose and has an clean, open sound with good attack. This series works great in all musical situations and are designed for drummers who play it all.

Two 7 mil plies of Aquarian Nu-Brite drumhead film
Showcases Aquarian's multi-ply vacuum molding process


Aquarian Classic Clear:

The Classic Clear is a medium weight, clear single ply drumhead that can be used on the top or bottom of any size tom-tom. As a Batter Head, the 10mil thick Nu-Brite drumhead film produces a wide-open, full sound with plenty of attack and a musical sustain. When used as a bottom head, they resonate with a warm, clean and choke free response. A Note on Resonant( bottom) Heads: The bottom resonant head is often neglected but has a significant effect on the overall tone of the drum. A poorly made or poorly tuned bottom head will sap all the tone out of a great drum. Classic Clear heads, made with Aquarian's Safe-T-Lok hoop and Nu-Brite drumhead film, let the drum sing and make it the perfect resonant head for any tom-tom!


Aquarian Force 1 Clear:

The Full Force FB Single-Ply, Medium Weight Bass Drum Batter Head features an acoustically "vented" muffling ring tucked into the hoop on the underneath side of the head. The muffling ring helps control overtones and features vent holes along the perimeter that allow the ring and head to move as one.

This Clear, 10mil head has a powerful attack with outstanding projection and just the right amount of tone control. Works well when you need a big open sounding kick without unruly higher frequency overtones.

A FREE Kick Pad is included with this Full Force head.

10mil, Clear Single Ply for punch
Vented Muffle Ring controls higher-ringing overtones
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