Ikeda 9TS MC-Pickup.

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27 500 kr
Ikeda 9 TS er instegsmodellen til Ikeda Pickup universet.

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We listened to a lot of cartridges and there are many good ones out there. But Ikeda who has only been doing cartriges by hand for decades are very, very special. No one who has purchased these cartridges has ever been disappointed... TA

There is a house sound in the Ikeda brand, one with melody preferred over absolute precision and timbre cherished over control. It might sound trite but your entry ticket to the Ikeda sound just got slightly more affordable with the 9TS...Confessions of a Part Time Audiophile.

I'd rather suggest you to buy it blindly because there are few alternatives at this price range.

The Ikeda 9TS stylus is shaped with an oval design which has been employed on the traditional Ikeda cartridges successively produced, and the cantilever is made of double layered duralumin pipe.

This entry model into the vaulted brand has an easy handling and high output by maintaining the superior reproduction and acoustic abilities inherited by the Ikeda 9 series cartridges.

The body and magnetic yolk as well as other innovations are very important components to the sound quality. The Ikeda is made within the same design standards as the upper class Ikeda cartridges.

The Ikeda 9TS will be able to reproduce the powerful analogue sound filled with energy by keeping a nice balance ranging from the low to the high frequency.

The Ikeda 9TS is nicely fabricated and produced by spending a plenty of time for the precise adjustment in order to bring out the pure sound and performance engraved in a vinyl disk, but hidden in the specifications, in addition to filling various conditions required for phono cartridges as a playback tool.

Tonally it has the same musicality as the other MC cartridges in the 9 family. No compromises are made also during processing.

The 9TS 0.35mV is about twice as high output voltage compared to the 9TT so that it can be operated without any problems on lower cost phono preamps.

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