kassa system 4900-786 Toshiba TCx 700 Compact Terminal, Iron Grey

Helt nytt i eske, har bare den som er på bildet The TCx 700 POS system strikes a balance between power and efficiency, but what does that mean for your business? With the latest Intel 8th and 9th Generation S-series processors, you can create an easy-to-use system for associates and elevate your customer's in-store experience. Faster, more powerful processors mean better graphics and videos, shorter lines, boosted productivity, and the power to move between windows and programs quickly. And with its energy-saving features like deep sleep mode, you can keep energy costs under control too. So when it’s time to power through your busy season, you can feel confident that the TCx 700 POS system will be able to keep up. Flexibility FLEXIBILITY the most port options of any Toshiba point-of-sale solution, giving retailers maximum control over their front-end solution Performance PERFORMANCE Embedded Intel 8th and 9th Generation S-series processors for better graphics and faster checkout lines. Serviceability SERVICEABILITY Easy-to-access components make fixes simpler, which reduces downtime (and service-related headaches) Security SECURITY Embedded security features guard sensitive customer and business data from hackers and viruses
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