Photovoltaic solar panel 12V/100W polycrystalline

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Photovoltaic solar panel 12V/100W polycrystalline

Mere infos:

Photovoltaic panel made of polycrystalline silicon.

Polycrystalline cell:
A substrate is produced from smaller silicon crystals, which is pressed into one unit. The round ingot is then cut into so-called wafers, which are cut to the required size of the PV cell. Of course, this technology does not achieve such purity of the material, the transitions between the crystals are visible in it.

Advantages of polycrystal:
Slightly higher yield of scattered light production (unfavorable light conditions)

Technical parameters:

- Max no-load voltage Voc = 21.92V
- Max. short-circuit current Isc = 5.97A
- Max. voltage at 100W load: Vmp = 17.86V
- Max. current at 100W: Imp = 5.6A
- Max. system voltage: 1000V
- Working temperature -45 + 85 degrees Celsius
- Dimensions: 1010 × 680 × 30mm
- Dural frame 30mm, cover glass
- Weight: 7.5Kg
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