SOULTONE 17" Vintage Series Crash

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Soultone Vintage Series 17" Crash


Send sms til 93675016 hvis du vil ha cymbalen tilsendt. Kan hentes på Lørenskog / leveres i Oslo.

Ta kontakt hvis du vil ha en annen størrelse! Kan selges i pakke med Soultone Vintage Series 14" eller 15" Hat og 20" Ride.

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Soultone Cymbals offers a superior sound, feel and performance with excellent artist support for todays most demanding performers. No matter what style or sound is desired by the performer, Soultone Cymbals delivers both traditional and modern sounds with less effort, more control, and, of course, beautiful, musical, rich tone. The touch and feel is unique and has a more responsive bounce to the stick allowing for improved precision without washing out the dynamics of the performance

Tlf 93675016 Terje Paulsen
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Lørenskog, 5 min fra Oslo, 1471 Lørenskog


FINN-kode 204580889
Sist endret 14. jan. 2021 16:11

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