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Capital Sports Pilato treningsapparat hjemmetrening med øvelseshefte Capital Sports Pilato Pilates Reformer - Pilates Bench, Home Training, 120kg Max, Height Adjustable, Up to Different 175 Pilates Exercises, Easy to Switch Between Exercises, Black/Silver Brand Capital Sports Item Weight 24500 Grams Item Dimensions L x W x H 64.5 x 74 x 135 centimetres About this item MULTIFUNCTIONAL PILATES REFORMER: with adjustable resistance for up to 175 different pilates exercises | Easy and fast switching between the exercises | Also applicable without prior knowledge of pilates - suitable for all ages and fitness levels HAND AND FOOTBANDS: to increase the intensity and the radius of movement ' | Includes illustrated instructions for warm-up, pilates, and exercise exercises EFFICIENT AND PRACTICAL: Forms and strengthens the calf, thigh, hip, pelvic, abdominal, shoulder, arm and back muscles | 16 different tension cord combinations for individual resistance adjustment | 11 different glide board settings TRAINING FOR BODY AND MIND: the CAPITAL SPORTS Pilato pilates reformer, because sport is more than fitness. HIGH-PERFORMANCE: Pilates is a type of training which is not limited to the training sessions, but rather extends to everyday life. Concentrated breathing, a self-assured attitude, mental strength and a conscious body awareness are the positive benefits everyone can enjoy. Thanks to the compact CAPITAL SPORTS pilates bench , you don't need large or varied equipment. Because all of the exercises stabilise your deep belly and back muscles, you can improve your mobility and correct your posture.

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