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"The most interesting feature about Jasc Web Draw is probably that it uses SVG as its native file format and was one of the earliest applications to do so. Web Draw uses a Window in Window (WiW) interface much like its better known sibling Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Features include: - SVG Animation. - SVG Filters (Effects) - Spirals - Live SVG Editor, with Syntax Highlighting - Use standard design and layout tools to easily create high-quality graphics and animations - Explore limitless animation options with the powerful object-based timeline - Add sophisticated gradients, patterns and filter effects for more visually appealing graphics - Edit SVG source code directly for more flexibility and control of your files - Automatically validate source code changes to ensure code accuracy - Get instant visual feedback of source code changes - Import, edit and optimize SVG files created by other programs Web Draw was before its time and never really gained the kind of attention as Paint Shop Pro. Unfortunately Web Draw didn't borrow more features from Paint Shop Pro or integrate closely with it and it would have been good to be able to export Photoshop Documents from Webdraw or other tricks like that. It could have potentially found itself a space in the emerging market of SVG for Handheld devices, and competed against products like Ikivo. Web Draw was priced at roughly $200 roughly half the price of Adobe Illustrator or MacromediaFreehand but still significantly more expensive than versions of CorelDraw. As the product a got older substantial discounts could be found if you looked hard enough." Liker du ikke prisen? Kom med et tilbud da vel? Betaling skjer på en av fire måter: 1. Kontant. 2. Forskuddsbetaling i banken. 3. Paypal. 4. Vipps. Se gjerne mine andre annonser også.

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