RIDE DH2 dfc 159cm

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Selger Ride Snowboard. DH2 series. Dette er Ride DH2 dfc 159cm. Brukt ett fåtal ganger. Snowboarden er i meget fint tilstand. Pris: 1500:- Info: Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced Terrain: Freestyle, All Mountain Rocker Type: ProRize Rocker Shape: Twin Hentes i Bergen sentrum. Kan sendes. Ekstra fraktkostnad betales av kjøper. Betalingalternativ: vipps, bankkonto Se mine andre annonser. Pakkepris på fler kjøp. Ride DH2 er med på topp 50 lista -The Coolest Snowboard Graphics Of All Time- enligt Key Features fra nette: • ThinCon Ride Technology • 85A Slimewalls • Membrain • Carbon Array 3 • New Pop Stixs • Cleave Edge • Hybrid Glass • Aramid Laminates • Fusion 4000 Base • 2x4 Inserts • Style: Mobility - Shape: Twin - Sidecut: Radial - Stance: Centered – ProRize Rocker – Profile Plane – Developed in collaboration with our professional team. This new shape has a long and stable flat zone for certain impacts as well as reflections. Designed to fly high and without fear. ThinCon - Tapered tips and tails that reduce swing weight, enhance tip flex, and the sidewalls run past the effective edge. 85A Slimewalls® - excellent edge damping, skate inspired urethane sidewalls that are ductile, and smooth. Built to absorb impact rather than defend against it. , extra long life. Foundation Tuned Core - core with Hybrid lamination, carbon and aramid reinforcements Carbon Array 3™ - Power distribution technology designed to enhance rider response. 2 x 5 carbon bands folded into X-shape for perfect rider contact with the board. Pop Stixs - Carbon Longitudinal Hollow Sticks POP RODS 2.0 rods made of carbon, which surrounds the urethane center, give the boards even better life. Cleave Edge™ - Nearly 50% more steel, delivers unmatched resistance to edge cracking & can be detuned to larger radii. Hybrid Glass - Triaxial on base, biaxial on top, balanced torsion and stiffness for better response with speed. Aramid Laminates - Used to increase pop and liveliness with the added benefit of strength. Fusion 4000 Base™ - More durable, harder, and faster than extruded and is the fastest base material known (sintered). 2×4 Inserts - Dial in your stance for the option that feels best. Insert location: centered (insert inserts centered)
Lengde 159 cm
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5011 Bergen

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