Hay silhouette sofa / Grå med tre-ben

18 500 kr
Nesten ubrukt Silhouette sofa fra Hay. Kjøpt på Hay i Oslo sommeren 2019 — The Silhouette Sofa series is characterised by the smooth curve of the sofa’s back, which seamlessly combines a strong character with a simple, organic expression. With an angular front view and defining piping details, the sofa appears compact and economical with space, yet is light and spacious and offers generous seating. — Dimensions L171 × W90.5 × H72.5 cm
Høyde (cm) 72.5
Bredde (cm) 171
Dybde (cm) 90
Ny eller brukt Ny

Tøyengata, 0578 Oslo

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FINN-kode 164974972
Sist endret 6. des 2019 18:34

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