Conor Harrington - Samson’s Nostalgia Trap *spesialpris tom 4. mars)

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Selger mitt Samson’s Nostalia Trap innrammet med UV 70, sort ramme og hvit passepartout. Kan være behjelpelig med frakt i Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, Telemark om det passer med planlagte turer. Informasjon om trykket: Samson's Nostalgia Trap, 2014 Archival SIlkscreen Print With Archival Gloss on 330 gsm Somerset Satin paper, 30 3/10 × 40 3/5 in 77 × 103 cm Edition of 200 For de som ikke er kjent med Conor Harrington kan du lese litt om han her: Conor Harrington's (Irish, b. 1980) blend of the historical and hypermodern is unsurpassed. The Irish former graffiti artist still paints outdoor murals worldwide to considerable acclaim, while enjoying a meteoric rise in his gallery career. Conor's lauded large-scale paintings fuse realist figurative work inspired by old masters with abstractions taken from the graffiti scene that nurtured his talents. He is a central figure within a new breed of young artists tackling socio-political themes using fine art techniques in a context formerly reserved for street artists. His work combines contemporary and classical references to create an astonishingly resonant dialogue with the viewer. Conor's earliest works used cutting-edge graffiti techniques to create intense multi-layered artworks that alluded to the work of abstract expressionist artists. In this way, he compared the radical street art movement to the revolutionary anti-figurative art of the early and mid-20th century. Kan vurdere bytte i Dolk Crown eller Idea Painter med mellomlegg. Kunstavgift på 5% er inkludert i prisen.

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