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✔️ International domain for sale, high value fits good for hotels or shipping or whatever suits you. CAPTAINPIER.COM Owned since 2011 Bids are considered. Only serious inquiries are answered. Now you have the chance to own all, domain is registered in several countries. Feel free to contact us for transfer and purchase. ✅www.captainpier.com ✅www.captainpier.uk ✅www.captainpier.it ✅www.captainpier.no In the digital world, your web address is the only location that matters. Unique opportunity - investment object! We guarantee a safe trade where the domain is confirmed transferring and takeover as soon as it is registered paid. Payments in Crypto will not be accepted Here is my bank connection. Bank: DNB BIC: DNBANOKKXXX IBAN: NO8705341807486 We will get back to you as soon as possible! If you do not have an account on finn.no go to the website for further contact. All inquiries can be taken directly here on finn.no or directly from the website www.captainpier.com

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