Accuphase E-800 - 50 års Jubileumsmodell.

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168 000 kr
Accuphase har lansert en integrert forsterker, E-800, som 50-års jubileumsmodell.

Klasse A

2 x 50W - 8 Ohm.

2 x 104W - 4 Ohm.

2 x 200W - 2 Ohm.

"slot" for 2 option boards:

AD-50 Kr. 11 000.-
DAC-60 Kr. 14 000.-


Audio Excellence Award 2020

The E-800 is a flagship integrated amplifier developed with the aim of performance and sound quality comparable to separate amplifiers by injecting technologies such as C-3850 and A-250. The first feature is that it uses a balanced AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) system that does not use variable resistors for volume control. AAVA converts input music signals into 16 types of weighted current signals.

Lyric HiFi er eneforhandler av Accuphase i Norge.

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