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MASF Lavender Head. Aggressive HIGAIN-FUZZ from MASF Pedals (Japan). Mint condition with box and papers. The Lavender Head is a vicious sounding fuzz, great for the modern day Eddie Hazel. At the heart of this pedal is a lush filter that allows players to get creamy lead tones and shrill piercing sounds... From the MASF website (approximative translation from japanese): KING CRIMSON of EARTHBOUND and guitar sound, was Arakure of BORIS sound is designed in mind, to burst the sound penetrates even greater, Eddie Hazel modern is offensive HIGAIN-FUZZ for! ! !  60's BRITISH PSYCHE ROCK MASF Pedals is reproduced contemporary distortion high-gain thick core, by toying a filter knob placed in the center and even, sounds noisy like penetrate the high range enables , ringing on the head and direct the space psychedelic guitar jump Maggot Brain wind Bukkake and play an edgy sharp and delicate like SONIC YOUTH , even Kansai avant-garde at the time guitar noise to, the FUZZ sound quality The pedal is perfect for guitarists who want to rampage the sound while maintaining, to dance on it.  It can be used to control the growth of sound in sutain knob to play hard in BritishRock band cutting of crunch also good, set the rough with all one's might Jimi Hendrix to summon the improvisation of also I am good!  If you seek a guitar rock sound pointed that works well in modern music scene while maintaining the texture OLD, once by all means LAVENDER HEAD please try to take in hand!

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