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160 000 kr
This project was started in 2018 as an information-campagn and an attemt to build up an information-centre, allowing for an fast and esey way to find knowledge about the subject at hand. There are several ways to go from the basic plan given on today's website related to this project, designed via Wix. There could be an discuss-forum combined with an knowledge-base and an video-archive, wich is how I invisioned the site when i first started this project. This is an project that demand an massive amount of work in order to be done rigth, and this is why im selling it, in order for it to be done properly by those with the knowledge, will and time to make it work. To secure that this project will not simply be purchesed in order to be sabotasjed, the price is set to discurage this act, and secure new owners that is dedicated to the project's goals, and are ready to invest the time, energy and money that it takes to make this go arround. Price 17 800$ / 160 000 NOK If you cant reach me on my phone (+47), feel free to send me an email. Kristian Eik

5041 Bergen

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