Klein + Hummel O300D Studio Monitor Speakers - EVEN LOWER PRICE!

21 000 kr
Accurate, absolutely uncolored sound! Analog + Digital inputs. Still, one of the most respected near/mid field monitors available. In excellent condition. Always kept in a smoke-free studio. Comes with custom anvil flight cases. Truly incredible professional mixing/recording speakers. 3-way system design The most important part of the frequency spectrum is reproduced by a separate midrange driver Extremely low-distortion reproduction Exceptionally neutral sound stage from 40 Hz to 20 kHz No standing waves in the enclosure and no bass driver cone break-up Unconventional enclosure concept Very compact enclosure constructed using ideal materials with excellent self-damping properties Structural resonances avoided using LRIM (Low Resonance Integral Molding) Very accurate bass reproduction due to sealed enclosure Acoustic centers of loudspeaker positioned on one plane Homogenous front baffle with no diffraction or acoustical discontinuities Wider effective listening area for main monitor when horizontally installed Modern-looking design with optional baffle cover/grill Extensive accessories allow for a multitude of installation possibilities Magnetically shielded for use next to CRT screens Functional waveguide Wide horizontal directivity gives increased freedom of movement along the mixing console Narrow vertical directivity reduces the effect of early reflections off the console surface Perfect directivity pattern leads to a smooth power response Advanced Electronics Integrated electronic limiter for each driver Active three-way crossover with 24 dB/oct. slopes Transformer balanced input equipped with special distortion reduction crossover function Power and overload/limiter-display integrated into the front panel logo Controls adapt the monitor’s response to compensate for the room location O 300 D Additional 24-bit and 32-96 kHz digital input for AES/EBU, AES 3id and S/P-DIF Input connector for external Pro C 28 FIR digital controller Transformer balanced analog input K+H were bought by Neumann. The originals - like the ones I have - are the best. http://www.neumann-kh-line.com/neumann-kh/home_en.nsf/root/prof-monitoring_discontinued-monitors_studio-products_O300D
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