Ny ubrukt stort Primus Bifrost 10 - 15 mans telt Bare 5.9kg

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Selger ubrukt telt som kostet 5995kr. Selges for 3780kr Primus Bifrost is a tent that does not have an inner tent. It is suitable not only for exhibitions and other events, but also when you need to have a large space under cover. There is enough room to entertain 10-15 people. You put up the tent using four aluminium arch supports. It has 12 equipment hangers on the inside of the tent. The tent has taped seams, is made of PU Coated Polyester and can handle a 3,000 mm water column. The tent has 22 attachments on the outside for storm guy lines. It also comes with poles that allow you to raise the door for rain protection or to provide a shady spot outside the tent. The maximum standing height is 210 cm. Reperation kit is included. TECHNICAL DETAILS Width 2500 mm Height 2100 mm Weight 5900 g Persons 10 - 15 Depth 4500 cm Diameter 260 mm Mer informasjon : https://www.primus.eu/shop/primus-bifrost-event-P424002/ Ord: teltet, lavvo, ubrukt, ny , lett, stor, 8 manns, 10 mans, 12 mans, 15 mans
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