Vibrasjons massasjebelte inSPORTline Rexabelt *KANONPRIS*

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Vibrasjons massasjebelte inSPORTline Rexabelt

Vibration Massage Belt inSPORTline Rexabelt is a massage device for active body relaxation that effectively eliminates excessive fat and relieves muscle tension. Vibrations stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, strengthen your arm, leg and ab muscles, as well as glutes and counteract water retention. These beneficial effects have been proven over time by many satisfied users. Vibration Massage Belt inSPORTline Rexabelt has 5 types of vibration belts with various effects.

Thanks to an easy attachment mechanism, you can quickly and easily choose the belt that best corresponds with your needs. You can adjust the height to 5 different levels, so that any user may use it. The comfort glass footboard has anti-slip areas that ensure maximum stability during exercise. Other advantages include a motor with 80 W output, vibration settings and 100 kg weight limit. Thanks to these qualities, Vibration Massage Belt inSPORTline Rexabelt has become a very popular and sough-after home-use exercise equipment.
Main advantages:

Modern design
Helps with quick and effective body toning and weight reduction
Vibrations increase the effect of the exercise up to three times
Special massage footboard with adhesive grooving stimulates blood circulation and relieves and massages your feet, palms, glutes, back, etc.
Stimulates quick regeneration after physical exertion
Especially suitable for the warm-up or cool-down phase of your training (running, inline skating, cycling, skiing?)
The machine can also be used for relieving rheumatism or ailments affecting joints and bones (after consultation with your physician only)
Stimulates blood circulation
Relieves joint and muscle aches and stiffness
Improves balance and coordination
Effective against cellulitis
Relieves stress and depression
Increases growth hormone levels

Technical description:

High-quality multi-purpose vibration machine
Motor output: 80 W
5 motor height levels
Vibration frequency: 12 – 25 Hz
5 types of belts
4 vibration levels
Glass footboard
Anti-slip foot pads
Footboard dimensions: length 80 cm x width 48 cm x height 123cm
Weight: 18.6 kg
Weight limit: 100 kg
Category HC (EN 957), suitable for home use only

5 belt types part of the package

1000 Touches Belt – with 1000 massage points suitable for deep drainage massage
Turbo Belt – unique turbo belt suitable for hip, thigh and glutes massage
Anti-Cellulitis Belt – against cellulitis
Grip Belts – with grips suitable for relaxation massage while shaping your arms
Double Belt – suitable for back and chest relaxation

Main effects:

Active body relaxation
Eliminating excessive fat
Relieving muscle tension
Stimulation of blood circulation and the lymphatic system
Strengthening arm, leg, ab muscles, as well as glutes.

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