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Vurderer salg av av min forsterker. 2 år gammel og lite brukt. Forsterkeren er kjøpt på Oslo HiFi. Kvittering medfølger. BURMESTER 082 The 082 is a further development based on previous amplifying technologies and realises our ideal tonal conception: warm, substantial and vigorous sound which at the same time impresses with richness of detail. This is achieved with a circuit concept, which rests upon DC-coupled amplification stages. Due to its generously dimensioned power supply, the 082 is able to supply high currents continuously and therefore has control even over charge-critical loudspeakers. Due to its numerous functions, the 082 is ideally suited for Stereo as well as forHome Theatre applications. It offers a Home Theatre Thruput terminal, which routs signals past the preamplification stage directly to the power amp. This Thruput can also be controlled via the Burmester Link interface. Connectio ns and Settings The 082 offers a wide variety of connections. A PRE OUT allows the connection and combination of a second power amp (for example 036) or driving other listening zones with a centralized volume control. Intelligent control circuits with a simple controlling concept offer a versatile choice of programmable settings: • Balance control with BYPASS function • Tone control for treble and bass with BYPASS function • Wake-up volume: programmable power-up volume setting • Adjustment of individual inputs between +/- 9dB • Master and Link on/off function for Home Theater applications • Display on/off Concept and Commitment to Quality The integrated amp 082 combines outstanding sound features with simple and logical controlling in a multifunctional device. The concept of logical controlling allows easy access to the various functions. The damping factor remains very high throughout the full frequency and listening range even under full load. Like all Burmester amplifiers the 082 has to pass a number of stringent tests. Initially, critical components are measured, selected and paired with the aid of computers and only then combined to a subassembly. Each one of these modules is tested and checked against a reference setup. After the assembly has been completed each component is subjected to an automated test procedure with an audio analyzer, which consists of app. 300 individual measurements. Each component has to conform exactly to the reference configuration. Following that, all units are being burntin at normal load non-stop for at least 5 days. After this demanding procedure every one has to pass the same battery of tests with the audio analyzer again. Only if the second set of measurements is identical to the first the unit will be released to final assembly. Only this unusually stringent test procedure ensures the outstanding reliability of Burmester components. Finally, each unit has to pass a manual functions and listening test. After a final visual inspection the components are readied for shipping. Details The display and the controlling elements are situated on the front panel, which is milled out of massive aluminum. With the help of this constructional technique, the sensitive amplification stages are hermetically shielded from all digital interfering signals. Features: • Balanced preamplification stages • Completely DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path • High damping factor enables effortless control of any speaker over the full frequency range, even at high frequencies • Stable at any load over the entire frequency range • Massive binding posts for speaker cables (best performance with spade lugs!) • A built-in protective circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 082 during operation with regard to overheating, DC offset and overloading. • Oversized power supply with 82.000 μF filter capacity and a 450 VA toroidal transformer. Additional local filtering at the output stages with low inductive bypass capacitors. • Inputs can be lined up separately • Adjustable pre-sets: Input sensitivity, output level, wake-up volume • Pre-amp output • Architecture of the power amplification stages • Extremely fast signal transfer • High bandwidth • Steady negative feedback over the entire audible range and beyond. • Tone controls (can be switched off) • Volume control in 60 steps with ultra precise volume actuator for perfect channel synchronisation • Remote on/off: The 082 can be switched on/off or can be used to switch other components by a 10V DC trigger current. • BurLink with RS-232 and USB • Head phones jack at the rear panel • Full remote control • Remote control not included » Tekniske data Connections: ANALOGUE-Inputs: 4 x balanced (CD, Tuner, AUX, Surround) 2 x unbalanced (AUX2, TAPE) ANALOGUE-Outputs: 1 x balanced (Preamp OUT) 2 x unbalanced (Preamp OUT) 2 x Loudspeaker Output REMOTE IN/OUT for remote switching of other BURMESTER components BURLINK for remote control via RS-232 and USB Technical Specifications: Dimensions (WxHxD): 482 mm x 177 mm x 490 mm Weight: app. 25 kilos Rated power output: 2 x 150 W (4Ω) / 2 x 100 W (8Ω) Damping factor: >1000 Signal-to-noise ratio: >96 dB Input sensitivity: adjustable (-9 to 0 to +9) Frequency response: 3-100kHz (-3dB, band-limited) Rise time: 23V/μs at 4 Ω
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