Zegul Arrow Empower AC S kajakk

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Topp moderne havkajakk for lengre turer med ror og senkekjøl i glassfiber.

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The Empower is a full bodied sea kayak made for long trips and expeditions. The Empower is surprisingly agile despite its length, has a very nice glide and it handles almost like a play boat when put on edge.

The Empower is like all arrow models at home in the ocean where the paddler will feel comfortable due to the kayaks predictable performance. The Empower was used on a solo expedition, 6300 km around Scandinavia in the spring and summer of 2011. The kayak handled all kinds of seas on this major trip from the rough North Atlantic to the windy Baltic Sea. A great thing about the Empower is that is is a joy to paddle empty too! Most expedition kayaks are simply to big when not loaded.

The Empower has soft chines and a long water line. The hull’s profi le is rounded and the rocker is moderate to handle big seas. The four hatches are all beautifully recessed into the deck and packs with ease for extended trips or just for a weekend getaway. The knee hatch holds gear like an VHF radio or cell phone and small water bottle. The day hatch has lots of room for other stuff needed while at sea.

Standard accessories:
• Oval rear and front hatch, 20 cm Day hatch, 15 cm knee hatch
• Kajak Sport Click on hatches
• Refl ective shock cords
• Retractable Skeg
• Eva foam on seat and thigh braces
• Smart Track Foot Pedals

• KS Navigator rudder.
• Custom Color options
• Custom bulk head placement
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