Austmann selger komplett øl bryggeri - ink. flasking og etikettering

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600 000 kr
Complete 10HL open fermentor brewery setup 1xMalt mill 1xMalt conveyer 1x Mash tun 1x1200l HLT 1x Boiler 4x1200l open primary fermentors 1xHeat exchanger 1xComplete system for yeast harvesting and storing 1xAutomatic control system for cooling systems on primary fermentors 10x 900l closed secondary fermentors 1xKTM2000 14 spout, compact gravity bottle filler, 33cl star&75cl star 1xENOS Euro Base wraparound labeller All hoses needed included 2xGM1 transfer pumps 1xSPX transfer pump on wheels 2xSiemens frequency converters Kegging equipment for KeyKeg filling 2x300l hot water tanks for cleaning and CIP Complete turnkey system. With a regular brew schedule is possible to produce about 240 000 liters of beer per year on this system. Depending on product mix you can easily have a turnover of about 9 000 000 NOK on this setup. Please reach out to for questions

Bynesveien 48, 7018 Trondheim

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