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Hjerterom - Torget

A large number of refugees are expected to Norway in 2022. See what things (clothes and equipment) aid organisations and refugee reception centers need right now.

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What is Hjerterom - Torget?

Hjerterom - Torget are ads where aid organisations ask for things (clothes and equipment) they need, so that they can help the refugees who come to Norway right now.

It is the aid organisations that have an updated overview of the needs of the refugees. They also have distribution and sorting layouts that allow the right things to be sent to the right place, so that the abundance of donated clothing and other equipment is avoided.

If people willing to donate know exactly what to give and where to deliver it, this saves the aid organisations a lot of extra work.

I want to donate stuff, where should I drop it off?

Currently you can only deliver clothes and equipment at Fretex's large main receptions in Sandnes and Oslo.

Ole Deviks vei 20, 0660 Oslo
Åpningstider: mandag-fredag kl. 08-18, lørdag kl. 10-16

Torneroseveien 7, 4315 Sandnes
Åpningstider: mandag-fredag kl. 08-18, lørdag kl. 10-16

PS: Remember to mark what you donate with a clear heart (hang a note with a heart on it, for example), so it will be easier to sort correctly ❤️ .

Important to think about when donating stuff:

➞ Clothes must be whole, clean and dry for others to enjoy.

➞ Shoes must be delivered in pairs and be whole, clean and dry, both on the outside and inside.

➞ Clothes, shoes and accessories are placed in a bag that is tied together or in the Fretex bag that is available in all Fretex stores and at Norway Post (free shipping in April).

➞ Everything that has been used has some wear, so we do not expect it to look new, but it should be complete and functional.

➞ Toys must contain all the original ingredients and be packed separately - preferably in a transparent bag.

➞ Ask yourself if you would have appreciated receiving this?

Do you have questions about FINN Hjerterom - Torget? Please contact FINN's customer service.