Can I use the API?

The API is available to advertisers and business partners only. The advertiser has ownership to his ad, therefor we can not allow third party usage. However, we would like nothing more than to expose APIs to "open data" as soon as there are any available.

Can I get an API-key for a customer? I'm doing his web-site.

API-access is a product any advertising organisation may include in his business relationship with FINN. Please, instruct the customer to contact his business contact at FINN to verify API-access and order an API-key. Then, both you and the customer will recieve the API-key.

How do I know if I'm using the old (discontinued) API or the new one?

The new API uses URLs and a custom header for authorization. The old and discontinued API uses IP-address for authorization and URLs.

The API seems like to much implementation work for me, is there some other way to present my FINN ads on my site?

There is an iframe solution available. However, iframe has some issues with vertical scrolling and poor user experience on mobile. The API allows you a seamless integration with custom styling.

Where can I see some code samples?

There is a PHP demo client in GitHub. We plan to add code samples in node.js, Java and Scala in the future.

I want to take a look at the API, do you have a demo API-key or something like that?

Please visit the reference doc for search and ad.

What are the design considerations behind the API?

These "One size fits all" APIs aim to serve a broad range of use-cases. We rely on open standards such as Atom and OpenSearch to favor easy adoption and general mindshare.

We facilitate a true RESTful implementation by applying hypermedia controls.

Is it backwards compatible?

Our evolution strategy is Graceful degradation over versioning: Data will change continuously (fields come and go) but the semantics of the API should not break.

Clients are encouraged to check for changes and do the necessary implementation on a regular basis as the APIs evolve. Please review our evolution strategy.

How can I get smaller or larger images?

Please see the image sizes API reference for more information.

Who uses the APIs?

The APIs are used by internal applications such as, native apps, integration partners and a large number of customers such as real-estate agents, car dealers, boat dealers etc.

I want to export ads to FINN, where is the documentation? How do I get started?

Please visit

Questions or comments?

Please use our Customer Service

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