'service_documents' removed from motor ads


The field 'service_documents' has been removed. Use a media element described as 'Tilstandsrapport' for 'Tilstandsrapport', a link marked 'rel="urn:finn:iad:ad:naftest"' for 'NAF Test' and the 'car_service_history' field for 'Servicehistorikk' instead.

Replace 'nbf' with 'member_of_nbf' for motor ads


The field 'nbf' has been replaced with 'member_of_nbf'. The field 'member_of_nbf' is a boolean field that will have the value 'true' if the advertiser is a member of NBF (Norges Bilbransjeforbund).

Changes to 'completion' on realestate


There has been some confusion causing duplicate information in two fields. To fix this the field "completion" has been removed. You should use "development_completion_date" instead.

New field on realestate-project ads


The field "shared_cost_includes" has been added to realestate-project ads. The field is a text field which can contain a description of the shared costs (felleskostnader) for the units in the project.

Changes to price fields on realestate


Two new fields have been introduced to the Ad model for realestate-homes, realestate-leisure-sale, realestate-plot, realestate-project-unit, realestate-development-single. The new fields are named total_price and sales_cost_sum.

Total_price is a field that will contain the total price, that is the sum of the price suggestion, debt, sales tax and other sales costs.

Sales_cost_sum is a field that will contain the sum of all known sales cost like sales tax, official registrion, printing of documents etc.

Be aware of the old field total. This field must not be confused with the new total_price field. Therefore the old total field has been deprecated and will be removed on all Ad models for realestate (except realestate-development). If needed you can replace 'total' with an other new field 'price_with_collective_debt'. 'price_with_collective_debt' contain the same information as the old total field, but you should of course favor the new total_price field.

For more information about this change see the new guidelines for marketing of residences from The Consumer Authority or this statement from Eiendom Norge

New content fields for realestate-homes and realestate-leisure-sale


From 1.10.2018 the ad pages for realestate-homes and realestate-leisure-sale will be displayed in quite a new way when the new fields estate_summary, essential_info and local_area_name will be shown.

In addition there are two new link types where the rel-attribute is "urn:finn:realestate:prospectorder" and "urn:finn:realestate:prospectview".

Field road_tax_included removed from motor ads


Road tax is from 1.1.2018 inclueded in the trafic insurrance. The field road_tax_included is therefore removed from all motor ad types and searches.

Field for wheel_sets removed on motor ads


The field wheel_sets has been removed on all motor ads, such as car-used-sale ads. The different types of tires is still included in the field equipment

APIs now use Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificate


If you have any issues connecting to the APIs, please consult <a href="https://letsencrypt.org/docs/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Let's Encrypt documentation page</a>

Field for regulation is deprecated and replaced on Plot ads


The field regulation on plot ads has been deprecated and will be removed after 12.08.2017. Instead you can use the new field regulations, which is also used on other realestate ad types, and contains the same values as the deprecated field.

New URL structure for images


Image URL paths will change slightly as we switch to a new image delivery service. All clients manipulating or replacing URLs need to update to the new structure:



Image URL paths will not have this segment after 01.04.2017. A redirect to the new URL will be provided for some time.



Working today, but not provided in any of FINNs APIs until 01.04.2017.

If you are currently replacing /mmo/ with /dynamic/XXX/, you need to look for /mmo/ and/dynamic/default/ and replace both occurencies with /dynamic/XXX/.

Field for Norboat-membership added to boat ads


The field member_of_norboat_trade_association has been added to the ad types boat-dock, boat-new-sale, boat-used-wanted, boat-motor and boat-rent.

The field will have the value true if the advertiser is registred in FINN admin as a member of Norboat.

Field road_tax_included discontinued for some ad types


The field road_tax_included is discontinued for ad types agriculture-tresher, agriculture-tools, agriculture-tractor, bus, construction and truck. Please make sure your clients/parsers do not break when not finding the field.

Image size 1598w is discontinued and replaced by 1600w


The image size 1598w is discontinued and replaced by 1600w. A redirect from 1598w to 1600w will be provided. Please make sure only to use documented image sizes.

FINN moves to HTTPS


As a part of the move from http to https, we are forcing the the links to images, logos and other FINN pages to use https.

size fields on commercial property


On the commercial property rent and sale search result (realestate-business-letting, realestate-business-sale), we are removing the size/living number field, and replacing it with a size/main, which is a number range.

Keywords on job ads are now available


adata-field: "keywords".

Filter school_cathcment_area is deprecated


The filter school_cathcment_area on realestate searches (realestate-homes, realestate-letting) is being removed.

category facet on job is deprecated


The facet category on job searches (job-full-time, job-management, job-part-time) is being removed. It has been replaced with the new facets occupation and industry

Bugfix: ownership_type on realestate-leisure


The ownership_type field on the search result of realestate-leisure-sale and realestate-leisure-sale-abroad previously presented as a list of 1 element. This has now been fixed to be a single field of type "string", matching the model and the datatype on the ad-resource.


<finn:field name="ownership_type">


<finn:field name="ownership_type" value="Andel" />

Also, the following field descriptions (models) have been corrected:

  • furnished on realestate-letting from Boolean to list of String
  • property_type on realestate-letting-wanted from enum to list of String
  • living on realestate-business-letting and realestate-business-letting from Number to Range
  • size on realestate-development-single (was listed twice in the model)

New API: Image size configuration service


The image-size resource is a configuration service that allows you manipulate images URLs to get image in alternative physical sizes

See API reference

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