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The FINN API provide a RESTful interface to many of the website features such as ad-search and ad-view. It is available to advertisers and business partners (e.g. real-estate agents, car dealers, job advertisers).

FINN is the greatest consumer of our APIs. This ensures stability and performance for you as an API-client. Each client get a secret API-key to include in a custom header. We belive hypermedia and open standards best facilitates a broad variety of use cases.

So, can I use the API?

To get access to any of the APIs you (or your customer) need the following:

  1. A business relationship (e.g. as an advertiser)
  2. Ownership to the data (e.g. listing your own ads on your business website)
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions

The typical usecase is a real-estate agent or car dealer using the API to drive data on his website. If you are doing consultancy for a FINN-advertiser, please make sure your customer has an API-access agreement.

We currently do not provide access to non-business parties, but we do hope to introduce some Open APIs in the future.

Questions or comments?

Please use our Customer Service

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